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Drew and Katrina's 110g!


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Our Glass-Holes.com overflow will arrive today, and we will get it drilled either today, or sometime this week!! So excited!! It's been sitting empty in our living room for about 4-5 months!! We also have a possible half finished LED fixture lined up for lighting!


I will use this thread to document the progress! wooohooo!!


Here's how it looked when we started it.



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It's alive!!! After much deliberation, we decided to paint the stand black. We sanded it down and applied about 5 coats of paint, and then sealed the inside with a outdoor deck paint with mildewacide added to it, for added protection. The doors have also been painted, however, we need new hinges, as the others were corroded. We will get the hood painted this week.


We didn't realize we had so much sand sitting in buckets, so we have a nice sand bed going on already!


Sneak peak!






Sorry for the not-so-great pictures, they were taken with my iPhone. Please don't look at the messy house :)

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