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WTS/WTT Flatworm Exit/Aiptasia X


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I bought it when I had flatworms. Got a wrasse that did the trick. Paid $29.99 package says it will expire 3/2013. $20 or trade for a cool frag. Aiptasia X was gonna try it on some pest Anemones. Decided to try a file fish. Paid $14.99 no seen expiration date. $10 or trade for a cool frag. Would also trade for file fish. Take them both I will make package deal.

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The Aiptasia is not as much of the problem as the monjanos. Wich I tried my buddies aiptasia x on. Did not seem to do more than piss them off. So from many discusions. I have decided to try one. Westside is picking the one for me. They are not known to be the most reef safe fish. But it is either the monjanos kill the coral, I break down the tank, or take a chance on the file fish. I will tank a chance and see how it goes.

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