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Need suggestion on External Pump.


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I have a sump in the garage that I'm planning on plumbing to my DT in the house. I will run 1 1/2" from the DT to the sump and 1" return back to the Tank. It will be roughly 20' long with 4' head. What would be a good return pump? I do like a good amount of turn over in the sump. Right now i run a Mag 18.


Here are also a few pictures, critiquing welcome. Thanks!






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What's your DT size' date=' and the overflow bulkhead size and quantity? Can you run your current Mag 18 without throttling it back at all? 20' of horizontal pipe equates to some vertical head, depending on how many elbows and such you have.[/quote']



DT 120 soon to be 210. Getting things together and cycled (4 months now). Hopefully less shock to my system. Should only be one elbow. In the last picture you can see the return and the drain. Both are going thru the concrete up thru the floor into the living room. That is the plan anyways. This way i element all noise and gain more Perimeter stability.


So should I keep both pipe sizes the same or 1 1/2 on drain side? Their are two drains and two returns coming out of the tank. Would like to T the two into one?

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