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120 gallon tank, stand, sump, and extras


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Well I don't have much left and would like to get someone that is interested in getting the tank from me to grab it possibly next weekend. Tank comes with nice hood and stand, sump, refugium, VHO lighting, live sand and I'm sure more that I'm forgetting.


Asking $550 obo. Come and look at it.


Without the return pump or skimmer I will take $400.








Still have 4 T5 48" reflectors $40 for all 4


Purple/Green Acans $25



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Tank back up for sale. Guess it wasn't a good enough deal. I will keep the bigger pump for my new tank but throw in a gen x 55 hp pump and the skimmer for $600. Just come get this thing


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Sorry meant to say 550


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Dude you are killing me here. I'm still setting up my 75 gallon and here you are holding up a great 120 (laugh)


Some one please buy this great tank for less than I paid for a smaller one so I wont be tempted any more (naughty)


You've got a PM..(whistle)


For those of you that are intersted in the tank and I have personnally sold or traded with you in the past I would be willing to work out a payment plan as well. I really just don't want this tank taking up space in the garage.

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