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How to move a Ricordia


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Hello all, I have a couple of ricordia -I think that's what it is- that are growing over the top of each other. Crowded together here are three green ones and one large bown/green one. I was wondering can they be moved without stressing them to the point of death or is it best to just let them be. (scratch)




Yes I am still cycling my tank but these are set up in a QT tank to keep them safe durring the worst of the prosses. I hope they end up making it, I have grown very fond of them (scary)


Thank you for any help or advice.

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I thought it might


Man I suck at trying to ID these things online. One day I will figure it out.


They looked fine at first but I think they are happier now. When they fully extend the little green one gets covered by the others. But here I go babying them.

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