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8" Sohal Tang

Ron Popeil

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this fish was housed with six other large assorted tangs until a chiller problem dropped the temperature to 45 degrees. it was the only tang survivor. after that, it was pretty intolerant of new tangs.


so, yes, as garrett said if its the last big fish added to your system, youll probably be just fine.

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i've got 5 tangs currently; vlamingi, sailfin, hippo, yellow and atlantic blue. i think i would need to get rid of at least the vlamingi to make room for the sohal. i had a clown tang and it got so aggressive that none of the other fish would come out. it would chase the only tang(sailfin) i had at the time but the aggression just scared all the other fish. i've always wanted a sohal so i'm considering it but not sure if i want to mess with the group of fish i have since they all get along. have to see if i can get the vlamingi to go in the fish trap.

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