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Glass tank driller around Tacoma.


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MOST LFS dont drill glass. Try a glass shop, ask around who has done it. Its not easy. What size tank? 10 gallon? Good luck, better have like 3 spares (most break), thicker glass is easier, and obviously tempered glass cannot be drilled. All questions they will ask. Also what size holes?, how many and where? And they wont cover glass breakage.

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All very good points to consider.


I don't usually drill 10g's but I will drill anything non-tempered. I have drilled literally hundreds of holes and have only lost a couple of 10g tanks(which is why I don't drill them anymore). I don't guarantee that a tank wont break but I will drill if needed :)


I would ask around at your local fish stores and see if they would drill for you assuming that you put no liability on them. If they know that they aren't on the hook for any breaking, they are probably more likely to do it for you. It takes alot of time and frequent bit changes to drill glass so expect to pay anywhere from $20-$50 per hole.

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The tank I am looking to trade for is 180 gallin so a little bigger then a 10 lol not sure how thick it is.


Oh and

As for how many holes umm 2 dains 1 1/2 or 2 inch. And 2 returns maybe 1 or 1 1/2 on them them


Not sure on the closed loop at lest one. And do the returns over the top or may be 4 and do 2 to the pump and 2 on each side of the tank.


So 4 min for the over flow setup. Would like 6.


How safely can this be done??

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Easily. Although big, it might limit who/where it can be drilled. But i am thinking half inch glass. Pretty forgiving. Dont quote me on the science with this but a wise old mentor of mine said glass could bow and flex up to its thickness before breaking. 10s are 1/8 inch, which doesnt take muh to accomplish when drilling, 180 being half. I cant see it breaking.


Garret. What do you use to drill? My old boss used a press with diamond bit and some weird grey glitter looking slurry (dont remember what it was but i know it was expensive)

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