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$5/$10 frag sale!


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Ok guys, it's finally time that I clean out my tank, so I can have room to set things up the way I want. I'm tired of working around frags, so it's time for them to go. I would normally sell these for more, but I want them gone. Most will be $5 or $10, but a few might be more. Here are some pics (I still can't take pics that show good color, but I hope they are decent).....



Ming Tort colony - $15 SOLD Frankb

Ming Tort (left) - $10 SOLD Frank

Ming Tort (right) - $5

Red and Gold Milli -$10 SOLD

Aussie Loripes - $10 pending Mohaynow

Birdsnest, Orange Digi, Toxic Table, Pink Milli - $5 SOLD[/color]





Purple Digi (about 3 inch frag) - $10 SOLD half-astronaut

Neon green Acro's - $10 SOLD

Purple Stag's with blue tips (over 3 inch frags) - $15 1 LEFT[/color]





Here are a couple pics of the Birdsnest and Gold Milli mother colonies...




Here is the stag mother colony too....




Yellow Fiji Leather attached to rock - $10 SOLD H2Ocooled




Orange Monti Cap (I can frag nice size pieces) - $5 1 pending half-astronaut



Let me know what u think, thanks :p

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Thanks J - Dog for the corals!! :) they look great !! :D hopefully they extend their polyps as soon as possible... :) Will post pics as soon as my camera gets back from the repair store!! :D


No problem, Yrevanth! Once they adjust to your tank they should look fine. Takes a day or two for those polyps to extend....can't wait to see those pics!

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Looks like almost everything got sold. Thanks for everyone that came over and got some cool frags (clap)


I still have a large purple stag frag and a small Ming tort frag waiting to be taken home. Make me an offer and lets get these sold (naughty)

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