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New 29 G Reef aquarium


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I am new to the Portland area and it was great to meet you guys at the 'Clown house' :)


I am new to the saltwater system and would greatly appreciate any help and advice with selection of corals and care required!


I have a 29 G tank with the following


2 T5HO lights

Hang on the Back CPR Protein Skimmer

Circulation pump 450 gph

Aqueon 30 Filter


Cleaning Crew:

4 Turbo snails

8 hermit crabs




2 Clowns (False Percula)

1 Blue Green Chromis

1 Yellow Watchman Goby

1 Starry Blenny

1 Six Line Wrasse





1 Green Sinularia (Medium)

1 Toadstool Leather (Medium)

1 Red Brain Coral

Green Star Polyps carpet

1 Hammerhead coral (Medium)

1 Red Mushroom

lots of small Green Mushrooms

1 small frag of Frogspawn

10 polyps of Green Zoa's

1 small waving hand Xenia


Pics on the way!

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good to have you on! for the record, I started my 55 with a 25-member cleaning crew and it was miserably insufficient. I just topped it off with 35 more from Garret at the premium aquarium and I'm glad I did. even by lights out last night they'd made a big dent in my algae, can't wait to see it tonight!

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Also, Thanks to Jesse, for the Acan and the free stuff!! :D


New additions:


1 green Acan

3 types of Zoas

1 frag of Green mushrooms

1 frag of Birdsnest SPS




No problem. Hope the fresh frag of armageddons make it through. If not I can make you another one when your ready


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Welcome aboard, you will learn alot from this forum and everyone on it. I hope your tank prospers!


Is that Aqueon 30 modded to be a refugium? If not, you should consider doing so...it will do much more good for you. Also, adding some sort of carbon would be beneficial.


With that size tank and that small of a skimmer, just try to keep your feedings at once every other day....until you have a better nutrient export system in place(sump with large skimmer, refugium, etc)

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Hey Mandinga.... is there a thread anywhere which shows me how to start a refugium? I want to look into starting one in the near future... really want my corals to do well ... . . . .


And yes Mike, I need to start a QT... will a 10 G suffice though? And i am really sorry to hear about ur fish!! :( I lost all my fish in my smaller fresh water tank a few months back and it is tough!!! :(

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