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Last of what's left


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I am curious....aren't you going to lose a lot of value by taking them to a store? I have to ask because I have seen sand sifting stars for $5 and they were pretty big. I would assume you would only get $1 or $2. Might be better off posting on Ebay or Craigslist or something.


I have yet to see sand stars for five bucks but of well. And yes I would loose value. People on craigslist flake out. I had the fish and star sold to someone but now they are choosing not to respond to my emails.


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Hey Jesse' date=' didn't u buy the Purple Tang for around $60?[/quote']


Alright I want both of the tangs gone. I paid about $100 for the pair and that's what I will let them go for.


BTW I paid $75 for the tang. They cost more than that right now for the shops. I didn't see any harm in asking more for a more valuable fish.


That's if you come get them tonight.

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How big are the tangs?


The sailfin is a little larger at about 5-6" and the purple is about 4-5". Both awesome fish. I would just feel better about setting the tank up from scratch then having to move exisitng fish into the new setup.


Didn't mean to stir the pot.....sorry for my last post (sad)


You didn't.

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