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Derbird Rocks!!!


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I just wanted to send a shout out to Thomas. He helped me pickup my new tank today. (clap) He also went to seahorse with me as well as OIAB, then came back to my place to hang out for a bit and then go to the meeting. This all coming from someone that just came over to my house to buy some live rock. I may not have many corals left when you get your tank setup but I am forever gratefull for all the help you did for me today.


Looking forward to seeing your setup once you get it going.


If anyone has any concerns about new members, I can tell you first hand that Thomas has my stamp of approval for sure! (maybe I shouldn't have said that....(laugh))

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Your going to make me blush:o


I was happy to help out. I was comming out there anyway so why not help


Besides you helped me out a lot with the live rock that was so sorely needed and I am now the proud owner of the angriest mushrooms in the northwest(laugh)


These don't look sooo bad.


these look more like polups...hum


I hope these little guys make it(scary)

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He came out for a minute when I put everything in my 20L. He poked out his head and then hid again. I don't want to stress him any more then he already is so I thought I would leave him be for the night.


I had a after thought to put sand in the holding tank for him so I will do that tomorrow. Hopefully it makes him more comfortable.

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