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FS: Lots of stuff and it needs to go! All of it or none of it.


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Okay folks, moving time is here and this needs to be gone:


$200 for the entire lot, and I mean entire.


All in one 150W HQI (10K) hood 2/2 40w T5 Actinic bulbs used for 3 months, lights work fine.


Aqua C Remora with the optional drain to a bottle, and the 2(?) gallon bottle it drains to.


Marine Depot Dual Gauge CO2 Regulator and Solenoid, and the (empty) CO2 bottle, and about 9lbs of CO2 reactor media.


ETA: 1x Rio Seio Dual Power head controller - this also works with Hydor power heads as well, which is what I used it for.


ETA: Includes some of the pumps from my old system; I believe there was one 600gph pump, and either a 1200GPH or 1800GPH pump.


All of the above new ran me about - strike that, a lot more than $900, and it all works well.


2x 5 gallon bow front tanks w/accessories


1x 7 gallon AGA tank


various small hoods


10g tank stand


1 2x2x3 plastic bin w/misc. filters, power heads, 30' Python hose, etc.


I don't have a working phone currently, so use the boards. I'll be home all day tomorrow (Sunday the 25th) and most of Monday.


Pick up only, in Wilsonville at 29109 SW Meek Loop.


My new place is smaller, and I'm getting completely out of the hobby for a while.


FYI, I have a FW 24g cube w/stand I'll be emptying out later this week. If you buy this, I'll give you a deal on the cube instead of storing it for when I get back into the hobby.

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