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Check your magnesium!

I'm a lazy man and don't check my magnesium until something looks off...what a huge difference keeping my mag in check makes!


Without the magnesium, the calcium and alkalinity are not able to be used properly by corals for growth. Plus, calcium precipitate will build up super fast as the calcium will keep dissipating from the water column.






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Also don't forget the ratio of Calcium to Mag, same in our bodies, 3-1, so if your Calcium is 425 your Mag should be 1275 or close, 450-1350 this number is more important that each individual #. I have Neomag Mag Crystals in my calcium reactor along with regular water changes to maintain the balance between the two. I agree though sometimes we forget to test until things look a little out of wack, the Saifert test kits are good for several years and thats probably why they last, I ordered a new one then realized my old one was dated 2013!

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