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tons of bulbs, chiller, t5's, halides, ballasts, reflectors, end caps, tunze, pico,


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Ok, so I need to condense things that are for sale and have sold and make this a bit cleaner...


so here goes...


Pacific Coast CL450 chiller:


Price: $275 (they are going for $575 not shipped online)


The chiller is a champ and runs like a dream...it was only used for one summer and in the rest of the year it really did not run that much, so its in super good condition as well.









t5 bulbs...brand new!!!!!

(all things are either 24" bulbs or for 24" bulbs)


1x UV super actinic - $12 ea.

1x ATI blue plus - $12 ea.

2x ATI pro color - $12 ea.

1x Fiji Purple - $12

3x truelumen deep blue - $12 ea.

mini 6w 10,000k and actinic bulbs x 20 $3 ea.











Brand new Ice cap t5 reflectors


6 of them $12 ea.



(to show the plastic is still on them)


ARO MH 175w ballast price $50

in great condition ran only for about 3 months until I moved into a 250w set up and then a 400W



Coral vue 400w halide ballast used 8 months (you can tell by how clean the fan is) Price $75





full 125w halide retro fit set up BRAND NEW (only turned on to verify it works...not a name brand, but it works just fine 20k bulb price $75

(sorry I forgot to take a picture of the ballast (but its in bubble wrap, lol)





lumen bright mini reflector $75

used for about 8 months







Halide bulbs $15 each...all use about 4 months (kept swapping to find color I wanted)


20k coral vue 400w

14k coral vue 400w


VHO Bulbs Super Actinic 6$12 ea.


single 24" t5 helio ballast and end caps: $10 for ballast and a set of end caps - I have 5 sets





ice cap vho end caps with stand offs, brand new $15



ice cap regular end caps $5 ea. and I have 2 sets



brand new halide spider reflector $10



JBJ pico tank...brand new (going a different route with my pico project) $30 with filters





TUNZE 6025's 3 of them...BRAND NEW NEVER USED (id send them back but I am past the return time frame)


$50 ea.


*If you would like to purchase or have questions...please email me perron.brandon@gmail.com or PM me, I will be on super good behavior and check on here as much as I can through out the day.


If you see something you want, I am not opposed to offers, so throw them at me and all reasonable ones will be considered.


I live in Happy Valley and am available on weekends and after 7pm during the week...*

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