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Help loseing fish left & right


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Ok so it's seems that I got velvet (flame) & it's not looking good at all for most of my fish (sad) what can I do I use garlic every time I feed . Is there anything else to do ??? I have lost my powder brown , yellow eye , an anthias & now a clown fish


Thx for any help u can give me

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I'm sure you have alrady searched the internet but just in case, this link had some treatments;




Good luck!

Thx & yeah have been doing a lot of reading and what we shall see what happens I'll cross my figures


uv lamp with proper flow though it. so sorry to heat. we went though it over a year ago. are only fish loss so far since then has been a carpet surfing six line

will do I got one I guess time to break it out & man do fish love to surf


I had an issue with that last year. dont move the fish. Other then that it's rolling the dice. My fish were still eating but velvet will kill your tank in days not weeks like ich.


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ok thx for the info

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