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Tank, Pumps, Lighting, Rock, and more for sale


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Well from the looks of it I am going to have to get out of the hobby for a couple of years. So here’s what I have for sale -




Tank – 180 Gallon glass oceanic with dual mega flow overflows $400.00 ***BRAND NEW***







Pumps – Coralife 1090 return pump 1090GPH and only 80 watts. $90.00 ea. ***BRAND NEW***





Metal Halide – 1 400w circuit Galaxy comes with reflector and socket $100.00 ***BRAND NEW***

Metal Halide – 2 250w circuit Blue Wave 2 comes with reflectors and sockets $125.00 ***BRAND NEW***

1 400x 20k XM bulb never used $40.00

2 250w Radium bulbs never used $60.00 each







Rock – I have BRS Pukani rock for sale. I have 160lbs of it. And when I say 160 that is dry weight.

This rock has been cured since last January/February and has never been with any other rock, corals ect which basically means its pest free. I would estimate that it’s probably around 230-240lbs wet weight. I am going to try and sell it as a whole for $375.00 but if I don’t get any offers over the next couple of weeks I will start selling it by the pound for $2.50 per lb. This stuff is currently going for $3.49 dry on BRS’s website.




Calcium Reactor – Korallin C1502 w/pump and bottle Used for $150.00. I bought it for 300 a few months ago from Westside but have never used it myself.


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Im sure you ladies could figure something out! :)


Trust me Ryan if I could get it to fit down the stairs I would so consider replacing the 150 gallon but 5 feet is the max that will go down there! Bump for some good deals. The BRS is awesome too and already cycled and ready to go. You can't beat that!

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