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I'm finally coming back to the sea.


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Hello! I decided its time to go back to sw, some people on here might remember me, I was active a couple of years ago. I have 120 tall in wall tank setup in my basement area with a dedicated fish room. The tank sat empty after I sold off a lot of my sw equipment and then last year we decided to try a fw planted tank. The fw planted tank was not fun, if anyone thinks SW is hard try this instead, the daily fert adds, weekly 50% h2o changes in a big tank are a huge pain in the butt.


So this weekend I tore down the FW setup and I getting everything cleaned up for SW. My plan is to go with a softy/LPS setup with so nice fish, I want to keep it very simple and low maintenance, no skimmer or other equipment. Just lights, with sump/fuge and return pumps. I've got 2 lighting setups that I can use right now I've got 4 4' T5s over the tank, but I can change to 2 175w MH if I want.


Right now I just need to get some sand and rock in the tank and get it cycling. I posted something in the WTB area, but if anyone has any big rock they want to get rid of let me know and so some sand. I've got to do this on a budget so I'm going to take my time.





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