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Exciting day for LHS TFT!!!


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Just started to haul in the equipment to LHS today!!

Pictures will be soon to come.


Here is a list of what we have for the equipment:

1x 40b Thank you Danik!!


1x Marineland Skimmer, Thanks Marineland!


1x "the best sump ever!" THANK YOU MADMIKE for the EXCELLENT custom made sump


1x ReefStar L.E.D fixture, Thank you Reef Star LED's or Epic1 for the generous donation!!!



1x Marineland pump, for return. Thanks Marineland!




Here is what we NEED. All donations are TAX DEDUCTIBLE


1. An RO/DI unit, and any related parts or sediment filters, carbon filters, DI resin, etc.


2. Salt, you get the idea


3. Coral, anything you wish to give will be kindly accepted


4. T-5 lights, 24" (we have a T-5 fixture we would like to use on our next tank!)


5. Test Kits, any type, preferably in date.


6. Refractometers, hydrometers


7. Chemicals: 2 Part, additives... anything you have will be graciously accepted


8. Media: Carbon, GFO, Purigen,etc.


9. Media reactors!


10. Float valve/ATO supplies


11. Calcium Reactor... hey, we could use it!


12. Sand


13. lighting, for future tanks, we want to get quite a few set up!



14. anything else you have hanging around! all will be used, or given to the TFT inventory/ or given back to you!




Stay Posted!!

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