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WTT to clear out sump


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I have a bunch of coral in my sump I want to get out, there is a nice Hydnophora colony I will trade for a little live rock, the rest is up for grabs for free or bring some rock. Also have two nice bright pink birds nest frags or can trim some more

Just looking for good live rock, not dry or recured, if you have any small pieces you don't need.

There is GT Birdsnest, green Monti Digi,Star Polyp, Tubinaria, Hydnophora, Xenia, clove Polyp, Large green Polyp,probably more.

Also a Damsel that needs a new home!







Still want this out also trade or 25.00





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Yep, Steve Martin one of my favorites, The jerk, we have some friends and family that are "into" wine and that always pops into my head! When they start pouring I always ask for an icecube in mine, that always raises some eyebrows!


I have one inquire for tomorrow just a few small pieces, I'll check back and you can come pick things up except for the large colonies which i do want to trade some LR for.

send me a PM


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