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Freshwater Dip


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The only coral i would suggest giving a FW dip to would be zoas, and even then you need to avoid doing it with palys. I would dip it in Revive or TMPCC for 5 min then shake like crazy in the dip, rinse and shake again in some tank water, then into the QT tank for 6-8 weeks, if no QT and you have inspected to make sure no FW are left then drop em in the display :D

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revive all the way i had red bugson a frag i got, mixed more then suppost to with tank water and dipped my acro in it.

not only did it kill most all the red bugs ( took 4 dips to kill all them off ) but had an acro crab that sunk to the bottom and it dissolved the acro crab and does the same to flat worms.

SPS is all happy now.

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