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custom overflow box and 10 gallon sump - input welcome!


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I'm starting to plan a new custom overflow for my AGA (tempered...boo) 55 gallon.

Here are the three views of what I have planned. I think everything is at the proper height. It's kind of a blend of the eshopps overflow and the bean animal. basically, I took two of the three standpipes from the bean animal overflow and put them in the outer box of the overflow. two full siphon pipes across the top should supply plenty. these are planned to all be 3/4in pvc (or flex). note the ball valve on the full siphon stand pipe, this will be adjusted so very little water (but some) goes down the non-siphon standpipe, making both silent. as the pump may fluctuate in gph, the standpipes should have room to keep up with that. if the pump goes out (for any reason), the water level in both the outer and inner boxes will drop until the siphon in the full-siphon standpipe breaks. the water will sit in both boxes at that height until the pump turns back on. the only way the full siphon in the two u-tubes might break should be if the pump is off so long that the water in the box evaporates that low...or maybe an earthquake. these will both drain into a 10gallon sump (yet to be designed)


an angled photo:



view from inside the tank:



view from the top:



what do you guys think?




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