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150Gal tank for sale, best offer


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Youtube link: http://www.youtube.com/user/lewismisl?feature=mhee


I had it for few months in the cold seasons but now, I am outdoor very much and have no time to take care of it so need to sell it for $1000 or OBO. If interested, please PM me.


Thank you,




1 - Main pump: ECO 1584, top pump: AQUA LIFTER AW:20

2 - of T5 HO 54W 460nm Actinic (Marine-GLO, 46”, 115cm 54W T5 HO

2 - Super Antinic FRA48T12/VHO

2 - of Plusrite 250W MHDE250/FC212




2 x Blue hippo tangs (1 Large, 1 medium)

1 x Large Sailfin tang

1 x Extra large Clarki Clown

1 x Large Engineer goby (has grown to eel length)


1 x Large True Percula

1 x Six Line Wrasse



10 + hermits

1 + Coral Banded Shirmp

40 + Emerald Crabs

3 + Sand Sifting stars

1 star fish (red)

1 large rose bubble tip anemone (paid $250 for this)




Extra Large Yellow leather coral

Large Matt of Green Star Polyps

Pulsing Xenia

Large Polyp Zoas (Reddish color and green color)

Several different colors of Zoanthids

Large Neon Green Lavender mushrooms

Watermelon Mushrooms

Neon Green Stripped Musrhooms

Forrest Green Branching Frogspawn

Neon Green Branching Frogspawn

Green tipped Branching Hammer Coral

Purple Tipped Branching Hammer Coral

Large Fox Coral

Kenya Trees

Toadstool Leather

Maxima Clam

Neon Green Pagoda cup

Neon Blue Candy Cane

Neon Green Candy Cane

Fat Pink Elegance Candy Cane

Blue Mushrooms




Leaf Plate Montipora


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