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I just moved back to Longview after a 15 year absence. I actually grew up in California but lived here for 2 years before going in the military, then ended up back in California until the circumstances were right and I could move back. And I am SOOOOOO happy to be back!


Anyway, I'm a week into cycling my new 120. I had a 60 mixed before I moved up so i'm not entirely noob, but I have much to still learn, too.


Anyway, just got the warning on my Droid that the batt is going to die so gotta cut this short for now. Just wanted to say hi!



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s for the greets! Much friendlier than my old online home!


Anyway, sorry I haven't posted my tank chronicle yet- I'm working about 60 hours a week right now along with house hunting, so I'm a bit busy.


But until I get pics, here's a bit about my tank:

120 gallon AGA with the pine stand, no canopy

2 x 150 watt MH Catalina fixture

40 gallon AGA breeder for a sump/fuge

500 watt True Temp.Titanium heater with controller

Reef Octopus 8 250 gallon Pinwheel Skimmed

Quiet One return (~1200 gph- can't remember the model number)

2 Koralia Magnums with Wavemaker 4 Controller (Next paycheck. Anyone selling?)

Haven't decided on the RODI yet, but that will be nxt paycheck too. Anyone selling?

~80 lbs Pukani LR

~3 inches white oolitic sand

Homemade 1.25" Durso overflows (dead silent by the way. I'm very pleased, Mr. Durso!)


Again, pix to come soon!




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