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Hard times sale!


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First off


If you have acros (sticks) in your tank do NOT put these in your tank unless you quarantine them for a few weeks or treat the redbugs, they will die off after two to three weeks in a tank without a food source (acroporas and other sps corals) If you don't have any sticks in your tank you will be fine. now that I have taken care of that.


I have fallen on some hard times and its time to thin out the herd. I was going to wait till I got my redbugs taken care of, but since it seems that interceptor is as hard to obtain as the holy grail I decided to get things going. Here we go


1. BIG watermelon Chalice, good and pink with a sweet green rim. $65 lowered to 50 Pending pickup


Heres a pic that captures the green rim better




6. The lonely acan, its about the size of a dime. $5




8. Wicked cool favia $30 lowered to $25




9. Candy apple red's $5 per polyp or 5 for $20




10. Me! I am available Sunday through Tuesday to help with whatever you may need help with. Clearing blackberry's, cleaning out the garage, digging ditches, whatever you need done I will help you do it. Inquire for quotes on jobs.


As far as trades go, I would trade some stuff for some interceptor (I will keep it on the dl) but thats really all. I really need the money right now.


Its a long story but let me just say that July left me stranded and desperate and I could really use some help right now. I live in Salem and I don't have a car right now, so arrangements will have to me made if you are out of the area. Deposits will get things held, otherwise its first come first serve.


Thank you very much for looking and have a nice day

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Thanks for the well wishes Pete, things are already starting to look better. It seems like bad things always come in 3's and I've had 4 so I should be good for a while lol.


Longiotti, Thank you sir!


Unless it goes to 6..................just kidding. I got rear-ended really bad yesterday, so I'm not one to talk. I'm kind of boned if the car is totaled.

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Sunday bump! I also got a frag of purple deaths for $15, there's 6 polyps on it. Also if my prices are too high feel free to make an offer, I'm all ears.


Edit: You can see the purple deaths in the pic of the Candy apple reds, its not the whole lot but 6 of those.

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Really surprised no one has bought candy apple reds from you. I have never seen them sell for that low of price. On a lighter note, the blackberries are ripe at Cascade lake and I have now got another person interested in the sport. We now have a team of 4 (counting you)

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