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Hello, my name is Jaymee Cuti and I'm a producer for a radio show called Destination DIY. I'm also an aquarist with a 15g reef tank.

We're producing an episode on DIY disasters. In my experience, I've caused a lot of fish-related disasters (flooding, letting a sump run dry that nearly resulted in an electrical fire, bagging the wrong fish together that resulted in unnecessary fighting...). I'm wondering if anyone has any fish-keeping disasters that they'd be willing to talk about on the radio.

Destination DIY airs on Oregon Public Broadcasting and a few other stations in Oregon, New York and Texas, as well as a podcast online. To learn more about the show, visit www.destinationdiy.org or contact me with questions.

Please contact me at jaymee@destinationdiy.org to talk further. I'm on a very tight deadline so I hope to hear from you ASAP. Thanks!

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