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Hey look there's a new school in the TFT forum!


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I'm excited to say we have a new TFT build coming to a forum near you!


Thanks Chief for starting this new forum! You (rock2)(rock2)


I was talking to Trautman and he wanted to get a tank started in his high school and discussed this with his biology teacher!(clap)(clap)


We're moving up to the high school level now! I dropped off a tank, stand, sump. The sump was only 5 gallons but after a lot of back and forth Madmike has agreed to make a custom sump the more volume the better! MattV is going to get the acrylic for me and I will help pay for it through all those tanks for teacher donations!


So far I believe what we need is live rock, live sand, lights (but I think Marshall has an LED fixture)




Marshall keep us posted in what you need! It's nice to have another school involved in this program!(clap)(clap)

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