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Need Help with Mg Testing


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I have a ELOS Mg Test Kit that Iam having problems with.


Iam useing 3ml of tank water like it says to use.


Use Bottle A counting drops watching change from red/orange to green 30 drops


Use bottle B add 5 drops


Vile C Mg add 0.15 level water now turns to a dark purple to almost black.


heres the problem adding Bottle D add drops untell water changes to blue

there example says due there math and there saying they used 8 drops.

Ive got to 60 drops and got the water to change to green wont change to blue and this test kit is way exspensive and my bottle D is almost empty.


what Iam I doing wrong(scratch)


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there is 2 steps....


After you get your "Drops" of A and get the color change you have to dump that out, rinse the little beaker thingy and then get another 3 ml of tank water and start over with the 5 drops of b and the little scoop of C.... then start adding the D to get the color change!!


Hope that helps... let me know if you have more questions, this happens to be a test I run all the time!!



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