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Best HOB skimmer?


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Hi all I am looking to upgrade my skimmer. I have a Remora nano on my 30g tank now and I am sure I have out grown it. I have been looking at this one for some time...




looks like it is on sale at the moment for 179.99 anyone have any experience with them or something to recommend over the Aqamax?



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I've never seen that skimmer, sorry. I personally like the swc hang on skimmer...if you have the room. Lots of people use the aqua c skimmer with success... Good luck



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Thanks! I have enjoyed the aquaC but it is loud and really I want to get a skimmer with a pump that is not in the tank. It has worked well for the year I have had it but I think it's time to upgrade. Plus getting new tank gadgets is always fun. Have a good weekend!

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