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Selling 40 breeder complete setup in Gresham, OR


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Hello, I am looking to sell a 40 breeder complete setup.

These items are only six months old and are in perfect condition.


40 gallon Breeder (Aqueon)


Black Pine Stand (Aqueon)


20 gallon reef sump


Eco Plus 296 gph return pump


Custom Overflow Box (HOB)


Aqua Lifter Pump (for constant overflow)


Reef Octopus PS110 in sump skimmer


Hydor Koralia evolution 1050 powerhead


Aqueon Heater 250 watt


Lumenmax Elite HQI Reflector 250 watt


Lumnatek Dimmable Ballast (150,175,250,HQI modes)


Aquamaxx 250 watt 20,000k lamp


30 lbs live rock


sand (medium grade)





I am pretty firm on price but will not turn away reasonable offers.

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Thanks, but I want to try and sell the whole thing together, because I have less than a month to move to my new place and I don't want to lug it over there. If nothing happens with this, I'll keep you in regard, assuming you will still want the sump.


I am not sure of the dimensions, but it fits perfectly under my stand, which holds either a 65 gal or 40b.

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