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SPS frag sale! 10 to 20 dollar frags! 15% goes to TFT


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Thanks everyone for buying from the last thread. With the proceeds that went to Tanks for Teachers, I was able to get a nice pistol shrimp with live rock and Goby pair that the kids will love!(clap)


Same deal 15% goes to TFT! (clap)


We have some nice colonies that we will frag and bring to Tim's tomorrow. I originally got these as my first newbie sps frag pack. These are nice starter SPS and are aquacultured and super hearty. I only had 150WMHs with them at first. They have survived many a newbie mistake and hold their color well!(clap)(clap)


Frags of the Westside Rainbow, Westside ? and Rufus are only

10 dollars for about a 1 inch frag

20 dollars for about a 2 inch frag


1 inch Westside Rainbow and Westside ? sold to Frank B

1 inch Westside Rainbow sold to Mohaynow

1 inch Westside Rainbow and 1 inch Rufus sold to MattV

1 inch Westside Rainbow and Westside ? sold to Gogators

2 inch Westsdie Rainbow and Westside no name to Reefsickness


The entire colony of the Cyphastrea Decadia you can have for only 20 dollars


Sold to FrankB








Here's a closer picture of the Cyphastrea Decadia and the Westside colony








Here's the picture of the actual frags of the Westside Rainbow and the Westside I can't remember the name!
















Here is what's left from the other thread prices are reduced!:




Fruit Bars Chalice


Mother Colony






Frag A 20 dollars




Frab B has the nicest color of the 3 40 dollars!(clap)






Frag C 20 dollars!(clap)





No name red chalice


Mother Colony




Actual frag 15 dollars!(clap) Sold to Reefsickness






TECO Orange crush rainbow chalice 25 dollars






TECO Molten lava chalice 20 dollars






Some nonchalice items!(clap)



Australomussa! These are rare and unusual and like low light 50 dollars!(clap)






Tyree War and Peace Favite or Tyree Appleberry favia 40 dollars for either




15% goes to Tanks for Teacher!(clap)

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Can you put me down for a 2" rainbow and 2" Westside and a No name red/green Chalice.


Okay Robert I have you down for those 3 things!


The other Westside is Kimbeensis


LOL I was hoping you would chime in Tim with the name but I don't think that's what I remember it as. (scratch)

See you tomorrow !

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