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CA Reactor/Forbidden Love!


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Thanks to members advice, SWC and online articles got my CA reactor running for about a month and a half.


Gotta say that thanks to The Clayster's advice about changing out to a CA reactor my SPS have been flourishing like never before. I had been dosing with Kalk 4 times a night on a controller to maintain my CA and stabilize my ALK. I would supplement with two part to bring levels up about once or twice a week. My CA was always right on with this method but my ALK would vary. In hindsight, I think that the variance of my Alk that stalled my coral growth. I was ready to give up on most SPS and just have LPS and nems! It was that bad!


There are a number of people that have great success with two-part. Here, in Eugene, Miles has grown more coral than most Fiji lagoons with two part! For me the CA reactor has been wonderful! I still dose with Kalk, but at a lower level.


The changes made to my dual SWC reactor: The only thing I may change is to go to a Aquarium Plants regulator from the great review by Bigjonwoody to me!




The Masterflex pump. This "sucks" water out of the second reactor instead of pressure pumping water in. It gives a very stable and adjustable flow. I have another pump(s) that adjust down to 1 RPM.




The controller: I also have another controller that has a 10 turn potentiometer that will adjust speed down to finer than frog hairs.



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Glad to see you got it up and running, most reactor's do not need a "pump" and some wont handle the pressure, In my PM manual it says a siphon is enough to run the reactor. I guess thats about the same as a pump pulling the water thru!

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