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Inmates needed for TFT

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The 24g aquapod is looking good. I received generous donations from Garrett, Kim, Josh, and Roger (thanks again(clap)). Plus, I've added some of my own mushrooms, zoas, and a leather. I'll post some pictures soon. Unfortunately I don't have any fish or inverts in the tank yet. Let me know if you can help out with the following:

2-percula clowns-(looking for one small, one large, or a mated pair for the RBTA)

-cleaner crew (hermits, snails, sifters, ect.)

-shrimp (skunk, banded, or anything cool)

-a stand for the aquapod

-any feather dusters, LPS, or funny looking small fish

Thanks again for all your help. My class is going to love this tank.


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Holy smoke! Go for the platinums! Very generous of you Dave. Ryan it would also be a good excuse for you to see the clownhouse. Ryan the easiest thing to do with a clean up crew is go to Garrett. There are funds in the paypal account and he will hook you up and then I will reimburse him. Also if you want to make a stand, I can pay for the materials out of the funds. It's nice to have another teacher on board. Can't wait for pictures!

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