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My 55 to a 20 long


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So in an effort to keep my move to Salem easy I down sized from the 55gal tank I had, and went w/ a 20 long intending to get a 40 breeder a.s.a.p.. I think I have the best luck in the hobby, because I transferred all my livestock to the 20 and then a week later moved it all again down to Salem. After the move this is what I ended up w/, and I'm really quite happy w/ it.


Almost all my livestock made it through both moves, and the browned out acro I took in some months ago is doing a lot better. I have had too frag somethings due to limited space and I will need a bigger tank soon. I am always short on space.




Everything grows crazy quick in the new tank, and I have to be honest I haven't tested as often as I should but all said and done it is a healthy tank. I will post more pics as I get them loaded on my pc, but my camera is not loading right so it may be a min.

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