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Need help adjusting my Calcium Reactor bubble count


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O.k., so I'm a newbie to this reactor and been having some difficulties with getting the bubble count set. It's a PM calcium reactor, and I'm trying to get it set for around 40/ minute. I bought this used and am wondering if it's an equipment issue, or it's just me (scratch), so when I get it down to around 40 bubbles/min, it works for about 30 seconds, then it goes to tiny micro bubbles that don't form into a larger bubble. It just streams these tiny bubbles. Has anyone else experienced this issue? My effluent line is running around 60 drops/minute. I'm a rookie and could use some advice?? If I let it run faster the bubbles seem to form without any issue, I just don't have the tank load that needs that high a volume right now. I'm also probably doing a horrible job explaining my problem DOH! Any advice would be helpful.

Thanks in advance

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