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Tank cycleing almost done -- I think


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Hey all, I think my tank is almost done cycling. Here is why. My nirites are almost 0(0.02) and nitrate are currently at less then 10 ppm. My ammonia is undecthable. My ph is at 8.2 and my spec gravity is at 1.024. I a, doing my first water change Friday and that will also mark my 2 weeks with the tank. What is the next step that I should be looking at. Yes I know that it has cycled early. But I have 88 lbs of live rock and around 50 lbs of live sand.



-- Nathan

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@k9flash omg. How long did that take to grow. You have your own little forest there.


@tanktop no i have not had my out break of either of those. I have already started with 88lbs of cured live rock and 50ish lbs of sand. I did have a small out break of alge already but it was very small. But when I started this tank. I wanted to make sure it was ready to go. I have been monitoring my nitrate and nitrite and ammonia levels every day they did spike but they are going back down to zero except my nitrate they are at less then 10ppm.



Thank for help so far

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