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My giant RBTA (red bubble tip anemone) is splitting!!! I am not sure if I am going to need to re-home one of them yet, but I was hoping to get the word out before it is an emergency. I really hope they both stay on the same rock, in which case I would keep them. If it does decide to wander I will have to relocate it.


Let me know if you are interested. I don't know how large it will be, but it looks like it is going to be BIG, maybe 7"-8". EDIT: clone is 4"-5"

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Here is a current pic. The clone is on the top, looks like it might stay put. I cant really tell how big the clone is, but it

Looks like a third of the original.


Marshall I will give you a call if it starts moving.




Really dosn't look too bad for just having split.


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did you change your salt mix? I heard that if you change your salt type it may make them split.


Haven't changed my salt mix, in fact I have not changed my water in at least 8 months LOL. I think this time it split because it was just too big for the tank, but it could be that my temp is a little high due to the weather.

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Marshall your tank looks sweet!!! How deep is the tank? Looks like you have great depth for rockwork.


Thanks man!

yeah i scored this puppy for some glassblowing lessons, it's a little crazed, but heck (you cannot say no to a tank for 50 bucks...)


it is a 120(or so) flat back hex. so it is 24x24x48.


the depth is amazing. i don't think i can every go back once i have this much space to play around with!

i might actually upgrade to a 180, which would be the same dimentions, only 6ft (plotting)(naughty)

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Ya I really wish I had a 180 instead of the 125. That yellow tang looks happy in there' date=' did you get it from Dr. B? (The tang that is not the tank. LOL)[/quote']


I got the tangs from westside/OIAB and they are doing great... honestly i didnt have the wallet to buy a tang from Dr. B lol.

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