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Help deciding what this guy is


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In my haste to buy up everything at Seamax I kinda missed what the guy told me this was. I do remember him saying 'like a sun coral but easier". Under his lights it was very red, under mine orange. It has some polyps open during the day but WOW at night, wide open. I have been treating it like a Dendrophyllia and spot feeding it, takes food easily. I just want to be sure I am caring for it correctly.



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+1 being a dendro, they prefer lower light and target feeding is a must, Unkess when you feed your tank it looks like a snow globe of food-(laugh)


Here is a pic of one i used to have-I have been thinking of getting another they as so pretty but really should be target fed, I got lazy after about a year.




Very nice coral though(clap)

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It is actually really easy to target feed it. I just thaw some frozen carnivore diet in a specimen container...give some to the tank and then after I turn the lights out I use a syringe to pull some of the yummy stuff up. I will tell you that the IO gel food is super easy to feed it. I had a pouch left from before. Not sure if it is a good choice, it sure liked it!

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