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FS: Blue wave ballast, sockets, reflectors and bulb sets


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Ok, I bought these thinking I was going to upgrade... well months later and still dealing with heat issues in the tank room, I have decided against it.


Offer #1

Blue wave Dual 250 watt MH ballast, sockets, reflectors and 2 used radium bulbs, I was told used for maybe 6 months. NOW $190 OBO



Offer #2

Blue wave single 250 watt MH ballast, sockets, reflector and used bulb. NOW $90 OBO



Offer #3

3 brand new 20k SPS 250 watt MH bulbs all three for NOW $100 or $40 each. (these are normally $75 each new!!)



Thanks for looking, please contact me with questions!!


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I am interested in the dual ballast and reflectors but for another 30 dollars I can get it all brand new. Minus the used bulbs.


Hmm might be true, if your interested I am also considering offers and giving 10% to the tanks for teacher program. Just trying to make back some of the money I have invested.

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Price dropped again, will be listing these on Craigslist tonight if they do not sell.


Same deal if they sell today I will donate 10% to TFT.


Also driving to TFT disc golf tournament, if someone wants to meet there to pick it up.

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