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Muriatic Acid


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Is the tank that corroded with coraline it requires Muriatic?


You must be talking more than just the tank, if not wouldn't filling it and water and a high concentration of vinegar soaking a few days be fine?


I only used Muriatic on my Tunzes that had years of coraline built up, nearly 1/8" thick

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It's pretty encrusted. Plus a high concentration of vinegar in a 120g would get expensive. The acid was only $7.


To my understanding you fill a squirt bottle with water, pour in some acid, spray away, let sit for 5 minutes and then hose away.


Sound reasonable enough. But I like to check with you all first on things I have never used.

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Grocery outlet sells 1gal jugs of distilled vinegar for 2 bucks.


so to do a 50/50 it would only cost me $120 and take a few days.


I did the acid bath tonight. Was very easy and worked like a charm. I will try to get the new bulheads on Monday, and also pick out a stain for the stand. Getting closer everyday :D

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