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Not a Emergency YET - Ginormous Brisle Worm


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Hi all, I have noticed a few small Brisle Worms, one Ginormous one (at least 1/4" width unknown length). I really dont want to pull out the live rock that they are living in. Because of the new guys that I have found on there. I have found 1 Baby Brittle Starfish and maybe baby sea anemone.

I am willing to try a few different methods of removing them (mostly big guy or gal) from my rock. I am looking at either a arrow crab or reef branded shrimp. I am also looking to do a combo with a brisle worm trap. I could do all 3. I am typing this to find out what I should or shouldnt do.


Thanks, Nathan

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If it is that large I would make a "bath" with water that is 1.040 salinity. Then put the rock the worm is in in the bath. Add a powerhead. Wait about 4 or 5 minutes, and the worm is likely to have emerged completely from the rock. Sometimes it can take 10 minutes or so.


Doing this will remove the worm, and is not harmful to the rock.


Worms that get that size are not bristle worms and need to be removed ASAP before it becomes a , pardon the pun, bigger problem.

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You mentioned a baby sea anemone' date=' that could be aptasia or a majono either would be far more worry some than bristle worms.[/quote']


I gotta agree with Gill here. It would be incredibly luck of you to get a free non-nuisance anemone. If your worm is a bristle worm I wouldn't worry about it, they are good at cleaning up left over food and detritus. but if it isn't a bristle I would get it out as others have stated.

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