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Sally Llightfoot eating acans


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I was just watching my sally lightfoot eat the flesh from some of my choice acans.


oh happy day.



I have lost a couple colonies recently and I couldnt figure out why....



And, before you suggest that the crab was just eating the algae from in between the acans...the acans are CLEAN...and i saw flesh being torn.


s$%# $%##@ $$%^^^ #$@%$ #%#@%


I hope he likes interceptor.

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Don't you blaim your poor sally light foot! You know I am an invert guy and just can't stand it when people blame harmless crabs ;) He couldn't have possibly been that evil unless the demon living in my old crab found it's way to your tank. If so you may want to call a priest...



Here is the story...


...I once had a red eye'd sally come in(8-9" from leg to leg). I couldn't help but see the devil in him all the time. I think he may have actually been possessed as I watch him eat up pretty much any LPS he could get his pitchfork claws in to. Needless to say, he became friends with both a pair of plyers and a hammer. I am pretty sure he killed several fish as well though I only caught him eating them after they were on the sandbed so it's hard to say.



All things reef safe have their exceptions. I have seen sally's, emeralds, hermits, peppermint and cleaner shrimp, carnivorus snails that were supposed to be reef safe, all sorts of evil fish, and even some evil corals all do things that give a bad name to the bulk of their species. I guess some of our inmates just never learn to get along.

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Garrett, I think this sally lightfoot is malnourished and went rouge. When I brought her in, the tank had LOTS of algae to eat. She gobbled it all up, and now I think she is just trying to fill her belly. I have had many sallys and never had an issue. I will probably get another one when the algae builds back up. Awesome little cleaners.

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