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Live Rock, Clean-up Crew, Live Sand

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I measured it out and I still have 113lbs of live rock for sale. This is some amazing rock. Many large pieces (for example there is a 13lb, 18" with 2 ricordias on it). Many varieties (fiji, tonga, etc). Many still have some corals on them (shrooms, zoas). Lot's of interest in the corals, but nobody has come over yet to cherry pick through the rock so there are some very nice pieces ($200).


Additionally I am looking to sell off my cleaning crew ($50). It's hard to estimate the size but I think there are:

- 4 silver-dollar sized Mexican turbo snails

- A couple of dozen various snails and hermit crabs.

- Tiger-tail sea cucumber

- Brittle star

- Coral banded shrimp (this guy is reef safe)


Also I think there's about 1-2 buckets worth of live sand ($50).

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