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I had a great time. Met some great people, heard some great speakers, learned a lot. When I walked in the door the first place I stopped was the Reef Wholesale booth & spent about 45 minutes talking to Patrick about everything from their products to his trip to Indonesia. I thought "this going to be fun" if this is all the further I've made in an hour! I ended up with a bag of goodies from the company's booths. Seachem,WOW, I walked up & he asked if I was familiar with their products & I said "oh ya, but I was not aware you guys made food" well at that point he gave me 4 cans of NutriDiet food & a bottle of Vitamin soak for food! The Marinegeek.com folks turned me on to a t-shirt & I did not find out until too late a free ticket! I was at the Eco Exotic booth & asked the guy at the booth a question about their lights assuming he was an employee. He said well I'm not sure but I'll try & find out for you ( I thought, that's an odd answer for a simple question) I looked up (kinda dumbfounded I guess) well it was Mark Callahan AKA Mr Saltwater Tank. I started laughing & said "well no wonder you don't know" we had a nice chat. That's what's nice about this hobby, the people are so accessible. I thought the $25.00 per day made it a little cost prohibitive to attend both days so I felt I had to decide which speakers I wanted to hear & go from there. All in all I hope it was profitable enough for Kevin to come back next year.

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