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freshwater puffer questions


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hello i recently got a Target puffer from an LFS and hes doing very well at this point my main concern is his teeth i know they continue to grow indefinitely and im supposed to feed him hard foods to keep his teeth ground down so ive been trying to feed him snails but this little guy is so freakin smart he waits til the fleshy foot of the snail is in a compromised position and he strikes leaving the shell completely intacked and floating to the bottom while he munches on the grub that inhabited it so i need advice on what else i can feed him to curb teeth over growth i feed him frozen krill as his main diet at this point ive heard u can buy clams and muscles from the grocery store but im not sure how that would work (do i buy multiples and throw them all in and they live happily until eaten or do i get 1 and kill it and toss it in?) also heard frozen shrimp is good so im hoping some one can help me what is my best option o and ghost shrimp if i buy a bunch will he over eat if they are left to rome the tank?

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