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280G Reef complete setup for Sale - a must see


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Everything is sold.

Thank you.



We are moving and are forced to sell our aquarium.

Asking $2,300 or best offer. Easily paid over $7,000. No offer will be ignored.

New Lower Price: only $1,900


280G Acrylic

Tank: 72" w x 30" d x 30" t (280 gallons)

Sump: 36" w x24.5" d x 17" t fits nicely in stand.

Stand base: 40" t x 33.25" d x 77.75" w

Stand Canopy 18" t x 33.25"d x 77.75" w

When Base, Tank, and Canopy are together, total measures: 85.5" t x 77.75" w 33.25"d


Inhabitants: All fish are in very healthy and have been in this tank for at least 3 years.

Desjardini tang

Magnificent Fox Face

Flame angel

Six line wrasse

Percula Clown fish

2 chromis



3 red bubble tip anenomes (RBT)

2 massive frogspawn (size Of basketball)

2 very large colonies of hammerhead coral (volleyball sized)

2 plate sized mushroom corals

1 large green bird's nest

1 green and orange chalice (2" in diameter)

1 pink/orange chalice (2" in diameter)

Countless green furry mushrooms

Dozen purple tonga mushrooms

Club finger coral

2 green and yellow chalice

1 red serpent star fish

Sea cucumber

1 red chalice (2" in diameter)

Large pink colony of zoanthids

Various other zoanthids

2 medium Maroon clover colonies (40-50 heads each)


Tons of Live Rock, guessing 250-300 lbs - Mostly huge Pieces!!


2 250W double ended metal halide light fixtures

Dual ballast for double ended halides w/ dual timers

2 dual 72" VHO light fixtures w/ballast

Aqua Controller JR w/ DC8

Aqua lifter

Media reactor

Super squirt Ocean's motions magnetic flow diverter

DART pump

Milwaukee defractor


I plan to sell seperately the Deltec skimmer model AP 702. But will make purchaser of setup a deal if they want to buy the skimmer too.






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