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Hello from Warrenton, OR


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Hi there,


I moved to Warrenton, OR from Lansing, MI in May this year with my 29 gallon Biocube. The 90+ degree temps overheated my tank which was temporarily in a cooler. All that survived were my soft corals.


Are there any folks near Astoria or Warrenton with Pocillopora frags for sale? In Michigan when I got back into the hobby, many seasoned hobbyists often gave frags to new members to get them started. Does that happen here? My husband and I visit Portland often. So whether in Portland or closer to us in Warrenton, I'd love to network and meet new people. =)


Also, which LFSs in Portland do you prefer?





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As far as fish stores Westside is worth checking out. He has a new 1000 gallon reef tank. I also go to Ocean in a box, Ed's reef, The coral mafia when its open and Rose city. There are an incredible amount of fish stores.


The premium aquarium in Salem is also worth a visit. Great deal on cleanup crews.


If you are ever in the Portland area I always have freebie frags for newbies!

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Thanks for your replies. I'll be on the look out for meetings and get togethers. I may be heading to Portland this weekend some time. I'll let you know.


Thanks again for the warm welcome!



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