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Class is in! Thanks Spectra! Thanks Coral Mafia!


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Spectra (Scott) came by my house today and dropped off some items for Tanks for Teacher. He also had a store credit at TCM aquatics and donated that too so I picked up some things for the school today(clap)(clap)


He donated a heater, some powerheads, a nice tunze powerhead, and bucket that will be useful for a future build!




We headed over to TCM and picked up some donations from his store credit:


Pulsing xenia



Striped mushroom




Candy cane









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Tank is looking good!


We did a 5 gallon water change thanks for the saltwater Isaac!


We took out the sea hare too because it ate all the hair algae and took it back to Nick at Rosecity and now we have a 15 dollar credit. I would like to get more fish. Barelycuda maybe at the meeting we can pick up some clownfish!





I also did buy a logbook like LC Scott suggested but forgot to leave it there...DOH!(laugh) Oh well I'll be back!





Thanks Isaac for the corals! Thanks Spectra for all the donations. (clap)(clap)It's too bad you are no longer in the hobby. I hope someday you get back in it!

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He has not eaten any hermits that I have seen



Key word being SEEN


My flamehawk enjoys a little "shellfish" ut hey you cant deny them that for the character they add, I mean come on, fish gotta eat.


Kim you want some zoas for this tank, and some more shrooms, and all the other stuff I dont care to post-or share?


If send me a PM, I can drop them off tomorrow-Frag tank has over fillith

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