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Just got back from Garrett's place and if you are looking for sps, get your butt over there. He's got some nice colonies and always extremely fair prices.











I'll post pics of the one that I got later. Believe me it was hard to leave with just one, he wouldn't accept my magic beans for trade. (sad)

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Thanks for taking some pics are posting them up Josh! I appreciate it mang!



50 new SPS colonies just in and they are some of the nicest I have seen. These are Maricultured for the best colors, hardiness, and variety. Priceing will be very good and there will be so many choices available that you will wish you could upgrade your tank just to fit them all in it :)


Also just got the nicest pair of Hawaiian FLAME wrasses in! Price is unbelievable on the pair. Also got in some super great looking Hawaiian Potters Wrasses, Potter Angels, and Flame Angels as well as tiger tail cucumbers and a few other nice inverts and fish.


Come check the tanks out!!

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I was there - in fact, in one of those pictures you can see the empty spot where my new Acro used to sit (whistle). That's the nicest shipment of mari-cultures corals I've ever seen. I'm still kicking myself for not getting the other one (also in a picture above, but looks nicer in person - no offense to Josh picture taking).


The good news is that I think I snuck the whole lot (5 or 6 bags) in without the better, smarter, prettier (but less observant) half catching me (naughty).


Thanks, as always, Garrett. Great corals, prices, and service - hard to complain.


And nice to meet you, Josh.


Oh yeah, the flame wrasse pair was pretty. But I think the potter's angels take the cake.

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Thanks again for the late Saturday night visit!!! Hahaha 2 trips to g mans in one weekend equals a lot of new goodies for both pat and I:) that 500 dollar eflo is gonna look sick where my huge red cap was!!! Although my tank looks so butchered with that gone and my tri color colony all glued up after accidentally breaking it in the process of removing the cap:( but should look bueno in a month or two:) g mang you rock bruddy!!!

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I must re-visit this thread. I have to say this cause it needs to be said! Me and a friend had plans to head down today to pick up some stuff and my buddys wife got sick so he needed to stay home with her today. Well we had a bunch of stuff we wanted to get at the Premium A and as we couldnt make it down today I called and asked G if we could come down last night after I got off work as an emergency coral/fish run. LOL Garrett out of the kindness of his heart let us come down at 8PM last night to pick stuff up and do some shopping. :) As always, I was faced with insane prices, healthy livestock, and of course as much reef talk as I could handle. (Also, anyone who wants to check out an 8" Vlamingi just swing by lol). You continue to find ways to bring me back to the Salem area my friend! Cheers to you and the Premium aquarium!

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I've been to Garrett's shop 2 out of 3 days this week, and managed to snag some great livestock (an urchin, halloween hermit crab, 2 true clowns, some frags, and a killer anemone) for amazing prices. I'm glad I no longer have to drive all the way to Portland for such an outstanding selection. I'm pretty new to the hobby, and Garrett literally spend hours answering all my questions, and hours of me pointing to almost everything in the shop and asking "What's that?" He was extremely patient, and even more informative. It's always great to be able to talk to people that truly enjoy and have such a passion for what they do as Garrett does. I greatly enjoy going to his shop, and I look forward to many many more visits, and many many more purchases. Thank you so much for all your time, and the great animals.

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