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Zoos for sale!!!


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Frag rack is gettin full, an some zoos are being fragged LOL plus it's almost time for Jess's B'day so I gotta make some money.


I'll have pics up either tonight or tomorrow, and will have pics of the actual frags tomorrow.


Red Hornets 2 frags available 1 polyp each $30 per frag (1 possibly spoken for)


Joker Palys 5+ frags available 3+ polyps each $15 per frag


I'll look over what else I have that's fraggable when I start fragging tomorrow, I was going to frag tonight but couldn't find super glue gel at the dollar store, and am unsure about using the regular super glue for it, especially with the hornets.

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Wow, 48 views and not a single reply LOL I guess you guys really wanna see the pics before you say anything huh? Well, hopefully my crappy pics can do my corals some justice, cause here we go.


First up is the BC Red Hornets, 30 per frag, 1 polyp per frag, 2 available:



Next is the Joker Palys, 15 per frag, 3+ polyps per frag, 5+ available:



Next is the Green Bay Packers, 10 per frag, 3+ polyps per frag, 4+ available:



Next after that is the Nuc Greens, 10 per frag, 2+ polyps per frag, 3+ frags available:



And finally, we have the Cat's Eyes Zoos, 10 per frag, 4+ polyps per frag, 3+ frags available:



All zoos will be fragged tomorrow and I'll get pics of the frags once they're opened up. I would of fragged them tonight, but didn't feel comfortable using regular super glue to take glue em to the frag disks. Let me know if you want any of the ones listed, or if you see anything you like in the pics, let me know and I'll see what I can do.




Mick n Jess

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Thanks acura, they're super bright and they are the true red hornets as well guys.


I will do package deals, and if anyone down south wants to get some of these, I can ship, or I can arrange transport, I need to go to Garrett's one of these days anyway, so that's a good excuse LOL.

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