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WTB/WTT Aiptasia


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How far do you want to drive? I know the LFS in Springfield is going down hill on saltwater items... i was in there they other day and one of his tanks was infested with some pretty big ones... i actually thought one was a nem at first glance. I believe their number is 541-344-FISH

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I'm probably give it a try during the weekend if I don't find anything here. Thanks for the info Drew.

Noob, I can give you back the rock when it is clean ;)


If you want to come by and grab a few rocks tomorrow morning I can let a few go for a couple weeks for the sake of science and getting some nudi's locally.

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I have one rock that have lots of small Aiptasia on them. Two if I can get the LTA to move off of it.The peppermint shrimp keep them at bay but haven't rid my tank of them.


If you can take them off I could swing by and get them during the weekend. They should be cleaned in a couple of weeks. Even one rock would be great, let me know

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